Mobile phones are transforming the lives of millions and has tremendous potential to improve health care delivery in low income countries. Mobile phones are ubiquitous, and the technology is used by millions, even by the most poor and illiterate. Portability, low consumption of power, internet capability, lower cost and minimal infrastructure requirement are superior features/advantages of mobile phone technology for low-resource, developing country settings. Thus communication and computing capabilities of mobile phones make it an ideal health care tool.

Datatemplate is developing a mHealth solution for the Public Health Foundation of India for the use of Physicians in Public Health Hospitals of Himachal Pradesh to promote high quality care for hypertension and diabetes patients. Mobile phones loaded with this software will help in building an organized system of care for hypertension and diabetes care in public health hospitals.

The software will aid the physician to compute clinical risk scores to identify people at high risk of diabetes; and generate guideline based treatment plan (therapeutic lifestyle, pharmacologic, laboratory investigations, and follow-up schedule) tailored to individual subjects. This internet-capable software will also leave a copy of the patient details in a central server which can be retrieved by the physician for subsequent follow-up visits thereby enabling sound follow-up care.

Automated transmission of patient reminders (drug intake and follow-up visits) through short-messaging services to the patients is another feature of this software. The evaluation of the software will be carried out in Himachal Pradesh.

e-health Decision Support Systems

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