Industries we service into


As an IT services company, in healthcare we are dedicated to support the health care centres, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and medical device organizations maximize the value of their investments through the use of innovative, progressive and cost effective technologies. We bring best-practices and industry solutions to suit specific healthcare models in different regions / countries.
We also provide health centres, pharmaceutical, biotech, research and medical device companies with desktop, web-based, mobile/ tablet/touch based custom applications that integrate the significant elements of the clinical trial process – data collection, data validation and reporting – into a seamless process that is faster, more cost effective and more accurate than the conventional "paper-intensive" method of conducting clinical research.


Our IT services provide a 360 degree real-time view to the user, of all their business needs & processes. We help in optimizing business process flows and reduce costs by through our cutting edge technical capability & domain expertise. This helps the client in intelligent decision making and effective market analysis.


Data Template help telecom businesses dynamically adapt to the new technologies through our IT services. We deliver unparalleled results to our customers through our innovations and highly skilled team with deep understanding of telecom domain. Our wide array of cutting edge technology and efficient delivery model helps the client to be a world class player in the business. We provide end-to-end solutions in engineering and R&D services for Custom and Enterprise applications development, maintenance & testing.
We have over 30 years of experience working with wireline, wireless, Internet service provider, cable, broadcast, publishing, and entertainment organizations. Drawing on our expertise, we can work with you to achieve the strategic goals and world-class results you require.



Data Template's IT services helps to deliver good governance by providing enhanced monitoring and improved decision making intelligence. Our flexible and robust delivery models will assist government departments with smooth governance & budget reductions. This will also help achieve functioning efficiencies within the present budget allocations without compromising at quality and functionality.
We believe that through our best of technology, innovation and practices along with proven delivery model, we will be able to deliver critical, economic advancement driven IT projects.


Through our technology & services we help institutions to build interactive virtual classrooms, faster & interactive learning, and ability to track performance and results across the system – for students, educators and management alike. We offer best-in-class & cost effective technology, and the right strategy to build capabilities for institutions to deliver excellent value for their education systems.


Driven by intense competition, manufacturing industries demand complex and globalized workflow & supply networks. Our technology & domain expertise in various sectors of the manufacturing industry coupled with services and solutions that span across platforms and technologies has helped manufacturing companies the world over to transform their businesses by cost-effectively leveraging technology.
With fast changing customer expectations and endless technological transformation, there is a need for swift product development and innovation to produce meaningful insights. Our team of dedicated specialists make sure that manufacturing clients get the business results they anticipate from their technology investments and outsourcing plans.


Our services ensure growth even through an uncertain economic environment. We help retailers address challenges to power growth, provide technology for operational excellence and improve customer satisfaction for smarter business decisions. We ensure that our customers deliver higher levels of profitability through their technology investments.
To stay ahead in today's "click-and-go" retail world, we help enterprises to transform at a dramatic pace. Through technologies, value-driven strategies, Data Template is helping retailers operate seamlessly across channels to create wonderful experience for customers.


We support Non Profit Organizations to implement very cost effective solutions when global economic conditions are not encouraging, a steady decline in government support demands for larger involvement of non profitable organization. We understand that non profit organizations eventually want to aim donors more efficiently with a tight budget constraint and use IT to transform their ideas and plan to reality


Our IT services provide support for the hospitality industry to address complex issues that need swift and proactive measures in operations, customer relationship management and back office processes. Data Template is supporting Hospitality and Leisure clients remodel their technology platform to deliver unique customer experiences by integrating the best of social media, mobility, touch experience which makes it the quality of service enriching and rewarding.
Today, companies are constantly vying with each other to woo consumers with a reach like never before — on their preferred websites, in their social media pages, on their mobiles, and in their living rooms. Which makes it all the more imperative that the quality of service is enriching and fulfilling.