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An Integrated Application for Manufacturing Management

Modern day manufacturing sector demands highly complicated data integration combined with very less manual dependency for their business activities. From estimating to costing, from order intake to delivery, each and every process in the industry needs close monitoring to identify areas of cost reduction and increased productivity. Ozone is developed exactly taking these requirements in to consideration and can provide dynamic solutions to any kind of business requirements. In addition to its role as an ERP solution provider, it provides process knowledge and best practice tested and proven by the best business groups in the industry.

ERP's have grown from its stature of just - providing business with data for decision making - to a very important tool for implementing standard operating procedures and identifying bottlenecks in achieving optimum capacity. Ozone does exactly this and has the advantage of having versatility and flexibility to meet any type of customized requirements of its clients.

Ozone is next generation ERP due to the fact that it is platform independent and makes itself available in IoS /Android platforms thereby driving mobility. Decision makers doesn't have to be on site to keep the business moving.

Analytics have never been so powerful and comprehensive before with the D3 charts in Ozone providing multi dimensional Business Intelligence.

Ozone have set of powerful modules starting from Order Management to Shipping. Ozone has done extensive study of each department in manufacturing sector and has gone through the minutest details to ensure that users feel comfortable and with its interactive search options, ensures data retrieval with effortless ease.

Order Management

Ozone has designed its Order Management module to suite the requirement of all types of manufacturing sectors. Each project can be sub divided into mini projects which can be scheduled for production and delivery based on the factory capacity limitations. Scheduling also plays a vital role in this module ensuring that the customers get their product on time without any delay.



To see the difference, have a demo of Ozone production module and you can see that manufacturing process were never captured in such a meaningful way. Ozone production module provides the status of each and every single piece of product whether it is in work in progress or in finished goods stage. It also provides the category/ sub category wise production output. It also have a production forecast tool which takes in to account the machine capabilities and even sub contracted items to effectively give the top management a view of the forecasted output.

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Ozone's Shipping module is unique in its structure and can even provide dynamic packing lists/delivery notes on the fly to the customers alerting them about the upcoming delivery with full details of each and every item that is going to be delivered. Whenever a project is scheduled to be complete in a particular date and if there are still items pending for that particular project, an automated trigger is generated to inform all the concerned which ensures zero back orders for the organization.



Ozone Purchase module is compact and is linked with Inventory module thereby ensuring that every item ordered has a purchase request with multiple level hierarchy for approvals. Price comparison's and item price history are its unique features ensuring the organization the benefit of cost control.

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Ozone's Inventory module is simple to handle and makes a store keeper's task easy and error free. Exquisite search options are provided in this module to enable the user to track an item including its physical location. Raw Materials are consumed at the production stage itself automatically which decreases manual labor and increases accuracy of inventory. Critical stock items as well and excess inventory items are circulated to the managers in their mobile devises thereby ensuring optimum inventory of all items at all times.


Quality Control

Ozone's Quality Control module ensures that every item bought by the organization passes the QC test or approval before it is entered in to the stock. Unlike other ERP's Ozone incorporates the facility to have quality control management in each and every PROCESS that the organization goes through while manufacturing its product.

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Human Resources

HR module in Ozone is user interactive and takes in to account every aspect of employee satisfaction. Any employee in the organization can login to their mobile device and see the no of pending leave they are due for - is just one of the many features HR module is packed with. Here again there is multi level hierarchies for leave management.



Ozone's Finance module manages all financial transactions for internal as well as external auditing purposes. With just a click of a button you can gather information, analyze, prepare financial statements, reports and generate charts that can give the organization, data with greater accuracy and relevance. Its core components are General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processing and Fixed asset accounting. The module's highlight is its ability to sum up all operating costs and expenses of the organization. enabling management to make essential business decisions quickly.

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